Engineering For Cane Survey (ECS)

Engineering For Cane Survey (ECS)


Engineering has conquered in many industries. However, the agriculture industry still needs development and wisdom of Engineering. We have engineered a program called ECS (Engineering for Sugar Cane) which has been developed by taking feedbacks from the people in the field of the Sugar Cane Industry.

ECS was developed and updated after taking practical advice and suggestion from the factory owners and workers. At first, the prototype was developed which was engaged in the field. After some modifications and up-gradation, we have implemented all the feedback and version 1.0 is now ready to use.


Why Use ECS

100% Safe and Secure- ECS has been developed with top security features and with the support of Android. The interface and data integration in the software is safe and secure. The App has been tested repeatedly, to give 100% accuracy for the Survey.

User Friendly- ECS has the Android Layer which makes the app easy to use. The surveyor finds it easy to use and customize as per the requirement. The interface of the application is simple and elegant.

Cost-Effective- ECS has been developed with the view to keep the survey cost cheap and cost-effective. There is no need for the high-cost maintenance of the product.

24X7 Tech Support- To cater to the need of the factories and clients, we offer anytime and anywhere customer support. You can get in touch with us any time of day and night.