How AI Chatbot Boosting E-Commerce Sales?

How AI Chatbot Boosting Sales of E-Commerce Industry Exponentially?

How AI Chatbot Boosting Sales of E-Commerce Industry Exponentially?

Hello & welcome to the article” How AI Chatbot Boosting Sales of E-Commerce Industry exponentially?”, which is also very much in trend these days and has become a prominent tool for your Customer Service that ultimately an indirect major tool for enhancing your e-commerce business revenue & profits.

Yes, we are going to give you an extensive overview of AI Chatbots. In this section, we will cover the most relevant topics and provide competitive analysis to you for selecting the best technology, approach, and developer to create a Chatbot for your e-commerce website.

Before, going ahead let me give you an overview that some giant e-commerce websites like Amazon are using the same featured technology as AI Chatbot and that’s the main reason these fruitful tactics helped them to become the giant in the e-commerce industry.

Obviously, universal and logical law states a happy customer leads to bringing a huge change in the business revenue and if you are not having the system to make your client happy then you will be thrown out of the industry by the upcoming cut & throat competition.

Check out this eye-opening data:

Retail e-commerce sales from 2014 to 2025 are USD 1336 Bn in 2014 and are projected to be USD 7391Bn by 2025 and current sales are USD 5542Bn. Now think about this! This figure is forecast to grow by 50% over the next 4 years.

Therefore, the huge revenue industry brings cutthroat competition and if you are not implementing the strategies that your even small competitors adapting then for sure you will be losing a huge revenue even while tasting the profits at the moment.

Think like that! Why are some giants of your e-commerce industry are so giant? The answer is so simple they always use technology to make their clients happier. Simple! So having at least an AI ChatBot is an investment that going to bring massive revenue for your eCommerce business for sure no doubt.

Now without wasting any minute let’s discuss further to eliminate your all doubts like what kind of AI chatbot you need and how you can hire the best developers under your budget only and what mistakes you should avoid while the hiring process and from where you can clear your all doubts for absolutely free. Therefore, put your all worries aside and read this well-researched article thoroughly.

What are the Key Features of a Good AI chatbot?

⦁ Easy to communicate, best if it has a regional language option, Database of most relevant questions & answers for a particular business. All these characteristics are the basics of the development of Chatbot

⦁ Development as per your customized needs like Appointment scheduling or Booking, Customer support, Marketing and sales, Entertainment, etc.

⦁ Most of the companies develop Chatbots that support one language, English, which is not efficient as there could be many users from different regions and they might feel more comfortable with their local language

⦁ It should Support windows and Android OS

⦁ Well-researched and organized topics and troubleshooting scripts to ensure that the user is engaged and maximum queries are solved by the chatbot itself

⦁ Customized reports generation provides data on behaviors, Searches, Feedback, and Mood of the users’ basis the inputs from them this generates new qualified leads and convert potential customers into the business
How to choose the best AI-Chatbots development company?

Before hiring an expert team of AI Chatbot developers because it is not a cakewalk belonging to a single developer so you need to check out the below-detailed checklist

Common mistakes people make while selecting a Chatbot development company:

⦁ Very High Priced Service – Some brands are charging very higher than the industry averages so beware

⦁ Less importance to Post development support even after charging too higher so ask them properly

⦁ There must be a Substandard database integration with your AI Chatbot otherwise it will not help to engage and clear your customers’ queries so must ask the same from the team you are going to hire

⦁ Lesser understanding of business needs and poor UI so to check out this you need to ask for the free demos of previous work done by them

⦁ Consultation Charges

Yes, if a company lets you know all you want to know about a product/service, it gives you some conformity on its genuineness. They should not take any charges for consultation.

⦁ Pricing of Products

There are many companies charging hefty amounts for their products or services i.e. charging higher than the industry standards. Now the big deal is to know about the range of prices for a particular service. Here is the solution! Do a market search and check the Prices with different companies, automatically you will have a rough idea about whole the price ranges

⦁ Check for Free-Demonstration

For a new customer or even a familiar one, we feel some insecurity in our mind while approaching a new company but if the company showcases some work to you as per your requirements then it becomes easy so you should ask for a free demonstration of the Product pertaining to your requirements. If they agree and provide a demo then you can presume that they are confident and equally interested in fulfilling your requirements.

⦁ Facilitate by offering Partnership

Some companies also offer partnerships if you have some good idea and want to convert it into an application but you might lack with the budget for the same. To solve this issue, some great companies provide partnership facility and helps in making your dream a reality. Check if the company is ready to do a partnership in case you are short on budget or have some financial issues.

⦁ Check for Reminder Services

A specialized Company always provides this assistance to their clients through email, call, etc. so that in case any client misses something important about the availed service then it can be reminded in time. Check if they are providing such a service or not.

⦁ What about Post Sale facilities?

Professional companies provide all kinds of basic and extended support after selling their Products/services to their clients. This does not mean that Sales is done then the work is over.

⦁ Quality of Products or Services

After assessing all above mention points you get a good idea about a company and its genuineness. The most important thing is, that they must provide quality products and services instead of beating around the bush. As a benchmark for a good company, one-year free assistance is a sign that the company is following the Quality standards and provides genuine support to the clients

What is the benefit of AI chatbots for E-commerce?

Below are the key benefits that are as follows:

⦁ Time and Cost Saving:- Using AI- Chatbots help save time with quick replies, and the customers need not wait for Customer care executives/experts for reverts. It is low on cost and does not need recurring investments/expenses after development

⦁ Helps in making profits and generating new leads for business:- AI-Chatbots help in attracting potential business leads by asking related questions. These leads can be forwarded to the sales team and can be converted, to end clients.

⦁ Uncompleted Purchase (Cart) Recovery:-Ai-Chatbot can remind Customers/Consumers of items in their shopping cart and ask them if they are willing to proceed for checkout. Most of the time, such reminders push customers to revisit their cart and enable them to purchase some of it if not all of the items available in the cart.

⦁ 24/7 Customer Support:- In the present scenario customers expect businesses to be available 24X7. This type of service cannot be expected from an employee; therefore, AI-Chatbots take the charge, and even at midnight any client raises any query, it is answered by chatbots.

⦁ Minimize Human Errors:-Mistakes from humans are unavoidable. Errors are linked to manual work, this may lead to misses in managing client information or sharing critical information about products and services.
However, if we use chatbots, error-free services with less complication can be delivered. Built-in features of chatbots make them accurate and fast in delivering service.

What Chatbot should I use to grow my online business?

There are multiple ways in which chatbots can help you to grow your online business.
First, chatbots can act as virtual assistants, helping you manage your tasks and keep track of your schedule.
This can free up time for you to work on more important tasks, such as marketing and sales.
Second, chatbots can facilitate to increase in customer engagement and loyalty. By providing engaging and personalized conversations with customers, chatbots can help keep customers coming back to your site or product.

Finally, chatbots can be used to drive conversions and sales. By providing relevant information and answering customers’ questions, chatbots can prompt customers to make a purchase or sign up for a subscription. For businesses, looking to grow their online presence, chatbots could be amazingly helpful.

These are the types of Chatbots:-

You may choose your own chatbots
⦁ Menu/Button-based Chatbots
⦁ Linguistic-Based (Rule-Based Chatbots)
⦁ Keyword recognition-based chatbots
⦁ Machine Learning chatbots

What are the applications of AI Chatbots?

You may choose the relevant application based on your business needs
⦁ Appointment scheduling or Booking Chatbots are great for Healthcare, Travelling, Cinema, airline, and Hotel industries, etc.
⦁ Customer support chatbots are helpful for recharge plans, banking needs, food delivery orders, etc.
⦁ Marketing and sales chatbots are suitable for Real Estate, Education, etc.
⦁ Entertainment Chatbots are suitable for TV Shows, News and media, YouTube Channels, Social media Channels, etc.

What problems do AI chatbots solve for businesses?

These are the major 5 problems chatbots can solve in your business that are as follows:
1. ROI optimization
2. Slow complaint resolution
3. Limited human recourses
4. Call Center performance
5. Low retention

AI chatbots enhance the followings:-
• Automation
• Cart Recovery
• 24/7 support
• Personalization

So thanks for reading this detailed article till the end hope it added some value to your raised queries revolving in your mind for a long time and still you want to know more like the price, duration, technology used or anything like that or want help for recruiting your AI Chatbot development team then you can get absolutely free consultation from Appther.

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