Neuralink Connects you with Mobile without Voice or Text Search

Neuralink Connects you with Mobile without Voice or Text Search

How Neuralink will change the mobile user experience

Neuralink is the next big thing that is going to drive the future.

Neuralinks consist of a chip embedded into the human brain that will let both the human and artificial intelligence work in unison for enhanced outputs and quicker functionality. The researches are going on in full-fledged speed and it is not far when humans will directly connect with the computers, through an interface called the neuralink.

1. Overview of Neuralink

It is like we can control our surroundings just with our minds in a similar way as we control the television with a remote. This procedure as a whole is regarded as neuralink.

In simple words, neuralink is linking your biological neurons with artificial intelligence and lets you control various technological applications with the help of your mind, thereby doing away with any kind of mediator, for instance, the remote, as cited above.

2. How does neuralink function?

The first question that pops into our mind is about the way(s), it performs a particular task. The simplest explanation is that it functions with the help of the internet.

There is a chip, commonly called the brain-computer interface or BCI is connected to the human brain, which acts as an interface between the human brain and the AI. The BCI will have inserted fine threads into the brain and be connected externally to a small device that will interpret the thoughts of the brain and relay the signals to the device.

The chip helps in easy downloading and uploading data into and from our brain.

3. How will it affect the world around us?

Neuralinks are very likely to change the way people perceive the world. It is going to affect almost every sphere of life. Starting from increasing the brain’s capability to the enhanced learning, improved medical treatments, to high-end social life, everything is going to experience a big turn with the incorporation of neuralinks.
● Downloading and accessing data will be easier.
● People can do away with memorizing.
● Patients having hearing loss problems can also be made to hear.
● People with Alzheimer’s will be able to remember things for a longer duration.
● One can read books faster and consequently, increase their knowledge.

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4. Keypad to Voice and now Brain

Mobile users will no longer need to type or voice command their demands; they can simply think about it and get the information instantly downloaded in their brain through the BCI. This will enable the user to have the utmost control of their searches made on mobile.
A user will not only save time from typing or commanding the device, but also have greater access to any kind of information instantly.

5. Areas of application

The new technology neuralinks have not yet fully developed but are moving ahead in their application arenas quite fast.
● The first area is simplifying the searches and relevant functions on mobile phones.
● These are also finding applications in the medical areas to treat patients with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, for instance.
● The neuron signals are fed into the BCI which then helps in the movement of the external robotic limbs as desired by the patients having paralysis.
● The social strata are going to improve, as it will be home to intellectual individuals who are full of information and knowledge.

6. Uses in Mobile / smart devices

The mobile user or any smart device user is likely to experience a great deal of relief, given the fact that s/he will save much of her/his time in analyzing the information and deriving benefits from it, instead of searching for it.

The initiation of any search is going to be the just the thought of it. The brain-computer interface will interpret the same and return the output within seconds. Additionally, a user will also be able to directly connect as well as control with the surrounding and its aspects. A TV or AC will no longer be required to be operated with the remote and can be made to function and regulate simply with your thoughts.

You think, and it acts.

7. What is the next big thing?

‘Brain storage’ is the latest storage device. Here, you can download any data, book and almost everything and keep them stored. You will no longer need external devices like hard disks, or mobile phones for storing data, as your brain will have it all secured.

8. Why neuralink developed?

One of the main motives of introducing neuralinks is to do with the compression and decompression that takes place in case of using a language to communicate. Whether it is a device or a person, we often tend to minimize the whole thought and bring them down to a few words while speaking or typing to make a search on the mobile.

However, this all leads to lesser access to the information that we actually need. With neuralinks, all these losses can be avoided and hence have better and clear communication at both ends.

9. Will every mobile phone need to function with neuralink?

The answer is definitely no. Every innovation is not mandatory to be used by every human. Therefore, it is completely one’s personal choice to make use of such a feature.

10. What are the limitations ?

With all the advantages of incorporating neuralinks, there are certain drawbacks too.
● The first is the diminished usage of the biological human brain. With lesser usage and greater dependency on the implanted chip for every little thing, humans are bound to become lazy and less productive.
● Another important drawback concerned with the field of education. The assessments and examinations will become futile as every student with an implanted chip will be the master of all data.

The whole concept of neuralink is itself quite intriguing as well as intimidating. However, with the ongoing quest for knowledge and technological advancements, it is certain that this new tech will definitely be successful in carving its accomplishments on human life.

It would be wise to accept it all with open hands and brains to let it evolve for the betterment of mankind.

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