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What is On-Demand service apps?



On-Demand service apps are now becoming an essential part of everyday life.

On-Demand service apps mean, as per the request of the user or customer. Before the information technology revolution (ITR), the sense of doing business is totally different as we compare with today’s time. Before ITR if someone is hungry then they have to go nearby restaurant or they have to cook their meal at home.

On the other hand, after ITR, the mobile app revolutionaries the way of doing business. Now you can order your food on mobile apps from your favorite restaurant and you will get food delivery in less than 30 min.

It just one aspect of the On-Demand service App, such mobile apps are everywhere, you just think of any industry and it is there as per your demand.

Let’s unfold all your questions one by one.

What is the On-Demand service app?

In the simple term, the On-Demand service app is defined as the virtual entity which acts as the intermediary between the user i.e. customer and the service provider i.e. vendor of different services like UBER, DOORDASH, AIRBNB and many more.

And yes, On-Demand service Apps charge some fees from users as well as from vendors for utilizing their platform. Such Mobile Apps make a win-win situation for customers and vendors. As user save the time from surfing and service provider also get their potential customer at a single platform.

Thus, On-Demand service Apps provide speedy and more appropriate to the business industry.


Classification of on-demand service mobile apps:

  Major classification is:

  1. Business to Business (B to B)
  2. Business to Customer(B to C)
  3. Customer to Customer(C to C)


 Sectors bifurcation:

  1. Taxi service
  2. Food delivery
  3. Household cleaning
  4. Retail
  5. Beauty
  6. Laundry
  7. Gifts & flower delivery
  8. Health care
  9. Fitness


Let’s get into deep in some above mention on-demand services app:


1.Health care

The healthcare sectors going through a revolutionary change in technological advancement.

Due to the On-Demand healthcare apps, healthcare is on the path of revolution. Now with smartwatch users can take their blood pressure, measure their heartbeat and may more unexpected things you can do with the help of a mobile app.

These services include doctor’s advice, buying medicines, and calling doctors home in case of an emergency.

Healthcare Apps connect doctors with needy patients. So users can talk to their physicians one-on-one when they need help. And just like during an ordinary visit, doctors make recommendations.

Of course, no App can take care of serious diseases, and patients can’t get tested or properly examined without going to a hospital.

The best healthcare apps are:

  • Doctor on Demand
  • Practo
  • IsDocin

 2.Taxi services

 On-Demand service apps like UBER, LYFT and OLA  made transportation service more convenient to their users. Now users of the taxi app can book taxi 24*7 and at any location of user want and also select any destination of their interest.

Now riders feel safer in booking from taxi apps because now users can share the information & location or taxi to the other known person for their safety.

And from the driver side also such Mobile Apps played a very vital role in providing authentic riders and real-time payment options.

Features of taxi apps:

  1. Real-time GPS navigation for both users and drivers
  2. Payment options

Online – through wallet or card.

Offline- cash

       3. Sharing the taxi or driver information for safety.

4.Rating and reviewing both users and drivers.

 3.Food Delivery apps

In a food delivery app, after going through a series of options the consumer orders food from a restaurant.

As the order placement is confirmed, the restaurant starts preparing it. Meanwhile, the delivery boy also reaches the restaurant.

The delivery boy then takes the order and delivers it to the consumer’s address. One of the biggest reasons for the success of the food delivery app is the convenience it offers to its consumers.

On the other hand, it also offers a wider reach for the restaurant owners.

The On-Demand app is a win-win solution for both customers and restaurant owners. Users can easily order food from hundreds of places by checking menus in the app. And owners get more orders, thus, more revenue.

Some famous platform is:

  • DoorDash
  • UberEat
  • GrubHub

 4.House cleaning

Instead of asking homeowners whether they need cleaning services now, house cleaners use an On-Demand App to contact with their potential clients.

House cleaning, plumber, dog walking, and many other everyday tasks that consume time, On-Demand Apps are a perfect way out.

For example, if you have a dog at home and you are going to the office now, you just post a request on the app for a dog care service provider and nearby dog-care buses come at the time.

Same way, these platforms help with fixing home appliances, saloon service, etc.

Some famous platform is:

Prerequisites before launching on-demand apps:


A) Identify the potential audience

The target audience could be college students, rich kids, family guys, business owners, travelers, bankers, middle-income groups, single, particular age group people, etc.

The biggest mistake the investors do is that they give more importance to technological aspects compare to the idea. After all, coding just guarantees that the app will run smoothly. But it’s the idea research that helps with finding the target audience and problem solutions.

Insight on customers Online behaviors, pains, and needs – the more you know about the potential users, the more attractive the app you can build.

The unique function and the original solution is the key to attract customer. If you provide the same feature again, most probably the user didn’t download your app

B) Pick the features

some general features are:

  • Registration
  • Navigation
  • Notifications
  • Payment
  • Chatbot

C) Define On-Demand’s App actors

Let’s think about food delivery apps. How many actors paying their role in running the app successfully?

Let’s break it down:

1) User or customer

2) Restaurant owner

3) Delivery man

4) Admin (who control all)

5) Find the perfect development team

After thorough planning and financial arrangement, it’s time to start looking for on-demand app developers. The cost of the app depends on the features and technology.  Currently, for development there is two popular options – in-house or outsourced development:

  1. In-house teams –often very expensive, mostly operate by big firms with deep pockets.
  2. Offshore developers – great for both short and long term projects, cost-effective, and outsourcing teams are ready to sign the contract to protect both parties.


The On-Demand service app is now everywhere. And as the new technology like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence getting advance, which helps out to add-on new features in the on-demand service apps.  

Developing an On-Demand app is a complex task as you have to take of the dynamic aspects of mobile apps.

For developing or consulting on-demand service mobile apps, feel free to contact us- Appther mobility Technology pvt.ltd.

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