Taxi App Development Cost

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Taxi App Like Uber, Lyft, InDriver?

Taxi Mobile App Development Cost

Firstly, welcome to this detailed article,” How Much Does It Cost To Build A Taxi App Like Uber, Lyft, InDriver?”
It is the first question that’s probably going to think about on your mind if you’re looking to build a taxi app like Uber.

Obviously, you are a smart entrepreneur as you have decided to go for a taxi app because taxi mobile applications and system software are the hottest business models today. And, there’s no doubt that you want to build an enterprise mobile application and system software like Uber: Given the success of Uber, many entrepreneurs have been gravitating toward the taxi app market.

The team attributes the growth to the scalability of On-Demand software. An Uber-like app can increase your chances of success in the on-demand taxi mobile application and allied system software industry.

According to Statista, Uber has grown to become a prominent sharing economy services provider; boasting 110 million users monthly in the United States in 2019. As of 2019, Uber operates in 69 countries with over seven billion trips carried out.

In 2019, the transportation network company generated 14.1 billion U.S. dollars in net revenue. Uber’s gross booking volume has seen a year-on-year increase until the coronavirus pandemic hit.

In the fourth quarter of 2019, Uber generated gross bookings of 18.13 billion U.S. dollars worldwide. This’s Amazing!

How does A Taxi Booking App work?

If you want to build an app like uber, you should be aware of how the service works on the customer side. The general app performance can be shown in 5 simple steps:

Request:- Customers open the app for requesting a ride. This includes the selection of car sizes under sub-categories of mini, medium, or luxury.

Notifying the driver:-As soon as riders send the request, the taxi app sends notifications to all available drivers in the nearby range. When a driver accepts a rider’s request, the driver’s information is sent to the rider.

Ride:- The customer tracks the taxi approach and knows the estimated time of arrival

Payment:- When the ride gets completed, riders have to pay the amount for the trip. The taxi booking app calculates the prices as per the distance traveled and base fare.

Rating:- According to the performance of drivers, users can provide ratings and reviews on the app. Even drivers can rate their experience with their customers.

How does Taxi App Make Money?

Taxi booking online applications and software development business is becoming very profitable nowadays.
Several people want to use such taxi booking services as they find them more convenient and reliable than traditional Public transport.

The revenue model of the taxi business plan is also perfect compared to other online companies like e-commerce ventures.

Taxi apps make money because they provide their clients with excellent services anytime and almost anywhere.
They also use advertisements to introduce themselves as a reliable source of taxi booking so that people feel comfortable and start using them.

Revenue from Individuals- Fare charged from Individual users/clients to use the taxi service

Revenue from Corporate Booking- Some companies hire taxis for their employee’s transportation and a taxi app is a lucrative option for them to avail services.

Commission for Outstation Bookings- Other than local commuting, the Taxi app generates revenue through Outstation bookings as well which are usually based on fixed charges per KM or Per day

Commission for Rentals & Leasing- Taxi app companies provide cars to the Drivers on lease to run for their company and charge monthly/quarterly rent from them

Dynamic Pricing Model- It is a very important part, of Dynamic pricing, Fare gets changed, increased, or decrease, for the same destination basis the taxi demand and weather conditions

Pay Per Hour Model- Other than pick and drop, in case the user wants to wait for the taxi for some time then per hour fee is charged to them

Ride Sharing- The taxi app provides an option to book one taxi by multiple users going to the same or nearby destination of each other and they are charged by the service provider accordingly

What Makes A Taxi App Successful?

The look & feel, usability, Speed, and User-friendly interface are the major aspects of a good Taxi App which depends on the development cost and expertise of developer and it would vary depending on the features that you implement in your app. So, it is best to be wise and look at the viability of each feature.

Let’s look at some features that Uber incorporated. The aspects would help with understanding how a feature-rich application can help you with pricing and much more.

Uber designed the app features keeping in mind its two main entities: a Passenger and a Driver.

Developers have created the features for both parties, specifically catering to their needs. Now, that’s an important takeaway.

The list of features also highlights the effort taken to understand the target market. Let’s try and analyze some of the features and draw out the cost and development part.

What are the Features of a successful taxi app?

Geolocation and routing
Payment integration with different UPI apps, Debit/Credit cards, and E-wallets
Registration and personal data management
Call or text the driver right from the app and vice a versa
Push notification
Ride cost estimation
Top-notch UI/UX designs
Schedule ride in advance
Booking a ride for others
Splitting a fare with companions
Personal and Official profile creation option
Direct Data syncing with some other apps related to traveling expense reimbursement like Concur

What are the essential features of taxi apps for drivers?

Driver reports
Advanced route optimization
Personal profile editing
Active/inactive option
Calling the passenger from the app
Generating daily/monthly reports of past bookings and earning
Driver destination option
Free cancellation with a set of the time period
Heat maps
There are some other features and benefits of the taxi app which are like the cherry on the cake
Tracking the Location of the Taxi in Real-Time.
Opportunity to Get Higher Visibility.
Gathering Valuable Data of the Passengers.
Building a Brand for Your Business.
Getting the Feedback from the Customer.
Checking the Efficiency of the Driver.
Showing nearby options to roam

List the Technologies used in the taxi app.

The development team you hire would use different programming languages based on your requirements. The tech team should have expertise in the following programming languages or tools to build an app like Uber.

Swift for iOS app
Kotlin for Android app
Node.js for back-end
Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
PayPal / Stripe
Elastic email
Google Places
Google Maps
Google Directions
Facebook SDK

What should be the Team for developing a great taxi app?

Now, coming to the team. Your development team would most probably include:

1. Project Manager
2. Business Analyst
3. Android / iOS engineer
4. UI/UX designer
5. Back-end developer
6. QA engineer

The final cost of development may vary based on the team size and overall experience of team members.

What is the Cost and Duration of developing your taxi app?

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