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Mobile App Business Plan & Examples for Startups


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As per the topic heading ‘mobile app business plan for startups,’ it raises many questions in your mind, right.

And the question may be like:

What is the need for a business plan?

What is the different aspect of startups that I need to focus on?

Which type of mobile app succeeding in the market? …… and so on.

So, asking a question is a good habit.

Brainstorming is definitely is one of the crucial initial steps required for startups.

Now, let’s start with the basic FIRST question;

Why the mobile app is required for business?

According to KLAUS SCHWAB, founder of the World Economic Forum and the author of ‘THE Fourth Industrial Revolution’:

We have yet to grasp fully the speed and breadth of this new revolution. considering the unlimited possibilities of having billions of people connected by mobile device, give rise to unprecedented processing power, storage capabilities, and knowledge access. Or think about the staggering confluence of emerging technology breakthrough, covering wide-ranging fields such as artificial intelligence (AI), Robotics, the internet of things (IoT) to name a few.”

From this statement, you can conclude that we are on the initial stage of the economic transformation of society. In this new wake of the technology era, we are connecting every aspect of human life with the internet.

There are certain examples with which you got to know how the internet changing the way of living and mobile app is the catalyst of it.

Social Food Dating Apps blog

  1. Socializing app

To connect with people, we are using the app like Facebook, meet up.

  1. Food Delivery apps

Apps like uber eat, DoorDash and many more, changing the food industry approach towards their customers.

  1. Dating apps

For interacting with girls or boys we are using many apps like Tinder, Happn, Bumble and so on.

There a plethora of such apps that are changing human economic behavior. And all credit goes to mobile technology.

With the above-described information, you got an idea, why a mobile application-based business idea is important for your startup.

As you have the mobile app idea, now you want to change it into reality.


At this stage the SECOND question arises in your mind:

What are the steps to follow in the mobile app development process?

mobile app business plan

In general, these are certain steps which help you out in the planning process:

Step 1 Requirement Elicitation

Under it, the business analyst and technical specialist gather the information from the client and start brainstorming on an idea and come up with more detail information to turn your idea into reality.

Step 2Designing UI/UX

Designing is one of the most important steps in the mobile development process. Because User interface design is the first milestone that creates a direct impact on the user’s mind as he uses the app functionality.

Step 3Prototype

As a client, if you see the first prototype of your app then only you realize how an actual app looks like with basic functionality. At this stage, you visualize the actual product as the user of it and how it actually works in the real world.

Step 4Development of an application

After finalizing the prototype, the development teams like:

(a) Front End Developer

  • Android developer
  • iOS developer
  • Angular developer (web developer)
  • HTML and CSS developer

(b) Backend Developer

  • Node.js developer
  • Python developer
  • Php developer

This step is a core technology. With client concern, app development technology is used by the developer (depend on the budget of the client).

Step 5 Testing

Beta version of the app tested on the limited user. So that you can eliminate bugs and get feedback from the user. Through the testing, you can analyze the potential risk that can occur when your app is live on the app store or play store.

Step 6Deploy or execution of an app

This stage is known as the release of an app to the real people. It is the final product, now your app is live on the app store or play store for all user to download it

Step 7 Updating app with the new feature

Technological enhancement is the continues process. Updating with new features is imperative for inducing the user. After analyzing the user feedback and their requirement, updating is the need for the business.

These are the general steps that you can follow in planning the mobile app development business plan.

NOW, the THIRD question arise:

How much it cost to develop a mobile app?

 According to a clutch survey (it’s a B2B review site), the average price for developing the mobile app is $171,000 approx.

App with multiple features can cost you from $100,000 to $200,000 (as per the well-known mobile app development companies)

But you didn’t need to panic with the app development cost… why?

Because we in Appther charge the reasonable ticket as per the client requirement.

App with the basic features, ticket you someway $15k to $30k.

App with the dynamic features, ticket starts with $30k and last up to the client requirement.

Basically, the cost of the app development is depending on:

  1. A number of features.
  2. Technology (frontend and backend)

The satisfaction of the client with the product is the priority of the Appther team.

After getting known how much it cost. Now another question arises in your mind.

FORTH question is:

What is a business plan strategy for startups?

After developing an app(or in the process), the next step is, that now you need to ponder on making the Business plan strategy.

There are different entities/departments in the company and for developing a business strategy you should know how all parts of the system function.

I’m providing you a piece of general information about business plan templets for your awareness. Such templets you can find on many websites, so in brief, I’m describing it.

Business plan stencil:-
1. Executive summary 
  • Brief introduction of your business idea
2. Company Analysis 

2.1 Objective

2.2 Company Value

  • What is the problem of customers that you are solving?
  • What is the solution that you are providing?
  • Key Success Factors

2.3 Team

  • One of them the most important pillars of the company. Consolidate it very wisely.
3. Industry and customer analysis

3.1 Industry niche analysis

  • Learn from your competitor. Don’t repeat the mistake that already your competitor had done.

3.2 Customer persona

  • Types your customer to whom you are targeting
4. Marketing and sales analysis

4.1 Marketing and promotion technique

4.2 SWOT Analysis

S – Strength

W – Weakness

O – Opportunities

T – Threats

4.3 Timeframe your targets

4.4 Pricing Strategy

5. Operational structure 

5.1 Organizational Structure

5.2 Quality control measure

5.3 Staffing & training

5.4 Location of your business

6. Financial computation 

6.1 Revenue Model

6.2 App development & designing cost

6.3 Marketing budget

6.4 Cash flow

6.5 Balance Sheet

6.6 Funding

Each business has its own business strategy.

So, choose the strategy as what suits you more or what are your strengths, work with it and give the direction to your business accordingly.

More information  

When you are done with all the information as the above mansion.

There is one more area where you need to focus on and it is ‘Digital Marketing’.

As the internet is thriving more n more people are coming online and screens of mobile, tablet, laptops and so on are the new advertising board.


Internet changing the economy in a more optimistic way.

And mobile apps act as a catalyst for changing human economic behavior.

To develop the mobile app business plans, we need a holistic approach.

And building the strategy is a time-consuming process, so have patience and believe in your idea.

Once you have the determination for the execution of your plan and pour your energy into implementing it with full enthusiasm, then definitely you will achieve the goal.

For more information, you can contact us.

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