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Introduction to Medical Delivery App Development

Imagine, in today’s time, when everything you want or need is delivered at your doorstep in just a click of yours, how much comfort will it be if the same happens with medicines too? Well, life would be much easier, and technology has taken a step forward to do it in a better and smarter way for us.

The development of a medical delivery app is understood as an aim to bring more convenience to people by providing medications to them at their doorstep.

The importance of delivering medicines on urgent times, rather than rushing for it to a medical store, is attracting a lot of pharmaceutical companies to opt for a medicine delivery app development.

Medical Industry Growth Rate in  USA & India


The medical industry growth in the United States can be to a great extent credited to the expanding commonness of chronic diseases. As indicated by the National Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion 2019, around six out of 10 adults in the United States have a chronic disease. The nation positions fifth on the planet for age-standardized rates for all cancer.

Key players working in the social insurance industry are gaining different players to reinforce their item portfolio and increment their piece of the overall industry. For example, in January 2019, Shimadzu Medical Systems USA, an auxiliary of Shimadzu Corporation, procured Core Medical Imaging Inc., a clinical imaging items and administrations organization. This procurement by Shimadzu planned for growing its medicinal services business in North America.

In 2018, the age-standardized rate for all disease was around 350 per 1lac in the U.S. This rising commonness of cancers is relied upon to prod the interest of cutting edge indicative imaging frameworks, to decide the anticipation of the malady for suitable treatment; in this way, adding to the growth of the medical industry in the nation.

Furthermore, after the era of COVID-19 the medical sector will surely get an unbelievable boom that can be centralized through the technology means medical must has a medical mobile app for surviving into the healthcare medical sector among existing giant competitors.

Hence, the healthcare industry in the U.S. is expected to witness fastest growth, progressing at a CAGR of 6.6% during the forecast period. The healthcare industry growth in the U.S. can be generally ascribed to the expanding predominance of chronic diseases.

In India:

Let’s talk about some numerical data before proceeding. The growth of the health industry can be classified into four major segments for better understanding:

  • Very strong demand – As people are getting aware and the concerns regarding the health of people are rising, also the change in lifestyle nowadays has lead to huge growth in the insurance sector. In India, the Healthcare industry is expected to reach 372 Billion USD by the end of 2022.

  • Opportunities – The expected CAGR of the healthcare industry from FY2017 to FY2022 is 16-17%, and according to this, it will reach a mark of 8.6 trillion dollars by 2022 from 4 trillion dollars in 2017.

  • Manpower Increased – In 2010, the no. of doctors was 8,27,006, and it increased to 1,154,686 in 2018.

  • Government Policy Support – Ayushman Bharat was the world’s largest healthcare scheme funded by Government, and it was launched on 23 September 2018.

Post COVID-19 Era Booming Effect on the Medical Sector.

Also, currently, the world is facing the Coronavirus Pandemic, due to which the medical sector has seen a drop as there are few people going for dentist appointments, acne treatment, and fitness centres, also buying supplements too less these days.

But as soon as the world out of this hard time the industry will explode with booming growth as all the medical and fitness facilities will be provided again & it should be noted that this time people will be more conscious towards health.

How does the medical delivery app work?

  1. The consumer submits the form asked for the medicines prescribed to him.

  2. Checking the availability of the medicine.

  3. Payment of the medicine online.

  4. Shipment of the product after the payment.

When a consumer submits a demand request of a medicine, the online medical stores check the availability of the medicine online with the pharmacy that is the closest to the shipping address of the customer.

The customer is then asked to choose a payment method, and then the delivery guy is ordered to deliver the medicine after the payment and share the profits on the agreed terms and conditions.

Features of a Medical Delivery app

   Consumer App:-

  • Login and registration – The basic information  like email, contact no. and a password for security reasons.

  • Profile – To maintain the user’s profile in the information panel.

  • Add and edit prescription – Addition of prescriptions as directed by the physician.

  • Search for medicines online – Effectively search for the particular medicine the customer is looking for.

  • Order Medications – Just like the online shopping on Amazon, add medicines to the cart and order. Also, you can check your order history.

  • Payment options – Pay according to your comfortable payment method.

  • Offers and discounts – Avail the best offers and discounts on the app.

Pharmacy Panel/App:-

  • Login and register – Core features to use in any app.

  • Interface – User-friendly interface to create and manage orders.

  • Notifications – Receive notifications for new orders.

  • Prescriptions – To prescribe medicines to patients digitally.

  • Payments – Receive payments made by patients online.

  • Analytics – To analyze the performance of your business.

  • Store details – Manage store details online.

Inventory of Medical Pharmacy

A sufficiently stocked pharmacy inventory typically includes basic stock plus safety stock. Basic stock is the amount of inventory carried on hand to meet an average demand level, while safety stock is the amount of inventory kept on shelves to account for fluctuations in demand.

Admin Panel:-

  • Dashboard – In this panel, the admin verifies each and every order.

  • Payment – Multiple payment gateways in the app for broad business.

  • Analytics – The admin can access all the data to facilitate real-time analysis.

  • Tracking – The admin can track real-time orders.

  • Push Notifications – Tto bring customers, interact with them.

  • Earnings – To track the earnings and keep a note of monthly gains.

  • Support – 24/7 real time support system in case of emergencies and queries.


Benefits or Requirements of Medical Delivery App
Benefits or Requirements of Medical Delivery App
  • The consumers are assured of getting a good quality of products and medicines that are delivered to them.

  • Consult doctors online and get help without moving an inch.

  • The customer can find laboratories near him for tests.

  • Contains many languages and can choose according to own comfort.

  • Search filters available to get desired results.

  • Online uploading of documents can be done so that both the doctor and the patient can share test samples and reports.

  • You can also select from where you want to collect medicines.

  • No hidden charges applicable.

Medical Delivery App Business Model

The medical delivery app business model is very similar to that of an online restaurant. The Fundamental way in which money can be earned from such an online system where an app holder/owner gets money whenever a delivery made through that mobile medical delivery application.

  • Main Stakeholders –

  1. The manufacturers and the distributors

  2. The customer 

  3. Online pharmacy company

  • Value for customer –

  1. Easy and convenient way to buy medication.

  2. Cheaper as compared to medical stores.

  3. Doorstep delivery.

  4. Discounts and sometimes cash back available.

How does medicines delivery app generate revenue?

  • Sponsorship – online pharmacy platforms have a featured section available to display the sponsored results from companies.

  • Advertisements – the biggest source of income are the advertisements for stores.

  • Commissions – This app generates revenue through commissions from the sales and delivery. Every transaction has a pre-defined charge of the online platform. Whenever a transaction is done, the app charges its commission.

We will discribe this area in details in upcomming blogs.

The right medical delivery app development company will provide the following benefits –

  • Advanced support

  • On-site promotion with the help of a developer.

  • Off-site advanced support by employing a developer at our corporate office.

  • No overhead costs

  • Consultation and management team should be provided

The cost of the development of a medical delivery app depends on the features we choose in our app and other customizations that we add.

Well, thanks for reading this till the end. I Hope you got the same you were looking for.

If you want to get a free wireframe or mock-ups then please feel free to contact us.

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