Face Recognition Algorithm Decide Your Job Appointment

Is getting a job imperative to you?

Big yes, right.

But now you need to prepare extra for your job interview. why I am saying this? let’s check.

An artificial intelligence technology-based face recognition algorithm hiring system has become a powerful tool for some of the most prominent employers, reshaping how companies assess their workforce — and how prospective employees demonstrate their worth.
Designed by the recruiting-technology firm HireVue, the system uses candidates’ computer or cellphone cameras to analyze their facial movements, word choice and voice tone before selecting them against other applicants based on an automatically generated “employability” score.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of pros to this approach, both for the employer and the candidate.

For one thing, it creates ease on both sides, allowing candidates to be interviewed whenever they want as per there convenience, and recruiters to review those interviews on their own schedules.

There are potential cons to this approach as well-

Our moods are a very changeable thing, and some of those changes may or may not have anything to do with a job we’re applying for. Someone whose interpersonal relation recently ended or who has, say, not in a good health may display signs of disappointment, anger, or confusion that have nothing to do with that person’s usual personality or fitness for a job.

Artificial Intelligence is going to play a crucial role in analyzing human behavioral express both verbal and non-verbal. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the amalgamation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems.  This includes self-learning with the available data(within the limit access), reasoning, self-correction, optimization and many more features that revel with time and experience of using the technology in the real world.


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