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How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App like Instakart, Amazon Grocery & Bigbasket?

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Why apps like Instakart, Amazon Grocery, and Big Basket are developed?

With the change in the era and the replacement of every single thing from little to big being found online for shopping, these grocery apps have emerged out dramatically in the online market.

Apps like Instakart, Amazon grocery and Bigbasket have expanded the online grocery shopping business worldwide and are going towards development with pace.

A very huge revenue-generating business is expected from this online growing grocery market in future years.

People are moving on from traditional ways of shopping for groceries to just buying them online in which no physical work is involved and all you need to do is just order online.

The development of these apps has turned out to be providing more comfort and convenience to the buyer.

The younger generation especially doesn’t want to waste their precious time in going out and looking for groceries here and there, neither they want to bargain nor they know how to bargain, so if the grocery is coming to your doorstep then why is there a need to go out. Just order online on grocery apps.

Points to remember why these apps are developed and have a very bright future–

  • Convenience: these apps provide convenience to the buyer as he/she can order grocery on his/her doorstep
  • Time-saving: grocery apps do save your time as you do not have to go out and lookup for groceries yourself instead order online and make use of your time.
  • Money-saving: you can eliminate the cost of transportation and also can avail exclusive offers and discounts in apps that will cut your cost.
  • Multiple payment methods accepted: not all the time you can carry cash with yourself it is a tough job, grocery apps provide you different payment methods like pay through net banking, UPI or Paytm whatever suits you.
  • Categorized products: you can view the store category wise and can shop better this way and it is only possible in the grocery app.

On-Demand Grocery delivery apps

An On-Demand Grocery delivery app can be defined as a new generation app that allows the users of the app to order groceries online without any hustle. The ordered grocery is delivered at your doorstep.

The pros of using on-demand grocery apps:

  • These apps are easy to use for customers, delivery guys, and stores
  • There are separate platforms for customers, delivery guys, and stores.
  • On-demand, grocery apps can be used on any platform (Android &iOs)
  • Various languages, different themes to make the app today’s tech-ready app.
  • These apps are maintained by the technical department so that the app functions well without any glitches and errors for maximum experience.

How to develop an On-Demand Grocery delivery app?

  • Sketch out the idea of your desired app in your mind: This should include the concept of the app. For whom the app is being developed, the target audience and other factors are considered. All the features that are provided by the app should be listed there.
  • Identify the need to develop the app: In this section you will take care of why your app is important for people and for whom it is important, discuss the pros of your app. It should save both time and money and should provide convenience.
  • Analyze the market: Before developing an on-demand grocery app and launching it you must have a brief knowledge of the market, the competitors, the pros and cons of other apps, what is the market current demand, etc. How your app can stand out of the existing grocery apps, will you be able to provide better services than the other apps?

Types of grocery apps :

  • Aggregators –These are the kind of apps that show you the nearest grocery stores and allow you to order from your choice of store, the delivery guy will be redirected to the store and he will deliver the grocery to your doorstep. In this app, all responsibility is on the store and not the makers of the app
  • Single store apps –These apps are also called virtual grocery shops as in this app you have to update the online menu, deliver the grocery to the customer, collect the money and attend customer feedback or complaints calls on your own.
  • Marketplace – These apps are like the aggregators but the only difference is that they have a team of delivery boys enrolled with them and the delivery process has to be taken care of by the app makers.
  • Grocery chains – These are the apps that include their app as well as their online on-demand grocery store as well. Example – Walmart.

Cost deciding factors of grocery apps :

  • App Design–Attractive and engaging User Interface should be used for a premium looking app that affects the cost of app development
  • The App size – The size of the app also affects the cost of the development of the app, the large size of the app means more functions and features are loaded in the app, therefore, the cost will be higher.
  • App developers–The cost also depends upon the expertise and experience of the developer.
  • App platform – Android or iOs both the platforms’ users should be satisfied with the app.

Cost of development of Grocery apps like Instakart, Amazon Grocery and Big Basket with their services :

  1. 3 lacs to 5 lacs –( time is taken – 2 months )
  • Team of two people to handle orders on the app
  • 2 delivery boys and two scooters with 20k salary and 10k scooter maintenance charge each
  • Digital marketing – 5 to 10k per month
  • 20-30 orders per day required to meet the operation cost.
  1. 10,000 $ to 30,000 $ is the development cost for a single operating platform.
  2. Cross-platform app development may cost up to 50,000$ that can work on both android and iOs.
  3. Revenue inthe Food & Beverages segment amounts to US$76,768m in Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2024) of 8.4%, resulting in a market volume of US$105,993m by 2024. User penetration is 22.8% in 2020 and is expected to hit 30.9% by 2024.
  4. An average cost of development of an On-Demand Grocery delivery app may range from 3000$ to 20,000$ approximately.

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