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What is the 5 Star Mobile App Development Cost in India?

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How mobile apps are developed?

Step 1 – You should have an idea.

Your idea is the basic description of the app that is in your mind. It includes the work function of your app, it defines the category of apps in which your app falls in. This idea should be able to answer what features are there in your app.

Step 2 – Your Target Audience should be clear.

Your idea must have a basic description of the target audience for your app. Target audience is the audience or set of groups of people whom your app serves a purpose or for whom your app is made.

This helps the app to focus on more specific people and advertise accordingly so that it reaches the maximum of those people who need the app.

Step 3 –List out the features of your app and remove non-core features.

By listing the features of the app it is meant that you describe every single detail and features of the app and note it down on a sheet of paper.

Also, mark the navigation of the app which describes how the user will reach the app. Include the flow.

After listing every feature on the document observe carefully what are the features that are still non-core and can be removed. The idea of keeping only the core features should be there

Step 4 –Keep the design ready.

Design is a very important aspect in the development of an app. The design of the app is something that speaks for you and appeals to the user directly.

It decides how a user will experience the app and it should be attractive and not too basic version. A professional app designer or an app designer company must be hired for the design and development of the app.

Make sure the developer is credible and professional.

Step 5 –Determine the cost.

The cost of the development of an app depends on the client basically. The cost is decided by the demand of features by the client, it depends on the client and what he asks in the app to be featured.

There are different ranges of cost depending on the type of mobile application. The apps with basic features may cost between 10,000$ to 20,000$ and may include simple features like email subscriptions, standard UI components, no API integration, and no back-ends.

The app with medium-range features may cost from 20,000$ to 30,000$ and above and may include custom UI features, API integration and tablets adaptation with back end server.

The app with complex features, great designing, and excellent development may cost up to 50,000$ and these apps may include multi-language support assistance, Custom animations, real-time features, and complicated back ends.

How are mobile apps rated?

Mobile apps on the Google play store and App store are rated on the basis of customer reviews and the star rating they give to the app.

Based on reviews of the customers and personal usage of the application, the user rates the app on the play store. There is every possibility that you may get mixed reviews and comments on your application form both positive and negative.

Embrace every review on the forum it is impossible that you can satisfy every user, you should take care of the majority of the users. Try to get every negative review or comment as an issue ticket, try to resolve it if possible and if not respond to the user politely and calmly so that the other users develop a feeling of taken care of by the app developers.

Why Development of an app is necessary?

  1. Strengthen the engagement of customers–The development of an app can be beneficial for the business as it strengthens the communication between the customers and businesses. It allows the customers to communicate directly with the businesses through the app.
  2. To increase the accessibility –It is necessary that the businesses may be able to send notifications and discount offers to the customers directly.
  3. To provide value for your customers –Here you can send rewards to your customers directly based on their interactions with the app and app businesses.
  4. For Brand recognition and awareness among the audience –A mobile app can be used as an effective tool for your brand awareness and recognition among users.
  5. To make payments and services easier –The app features easy mobile payments that are user-friendly, fast, safe and secure.

Factors on which the cost of your app depends :

  • How big or on which level your app is.
  • What level of User Interface would you like to have?
  • Your target users
  • How much content you want to be user-generated
  • Features specifically for some mobiles
  • Location-based apps ( some locations cost is higher than the others)
  • External API integrations
  • How much social engagement is there with your app
  • Features like admin, feedback and Analytics
  • E-commerce and Billing
  • Most importantly – security of the app ( security of user data, the security of application data )

App Development cost in India

  1. For apps with basic features –The cost of development of apps with basic features may range between $8000 to $10000 in India. If you want additional features like social media, GPS locator then you may be charged an extra amount for that.
  2. For Native Apps –These applications include the cost of creation and execution of the logic of business and may range between $10,000 to $15,000 in India.
  3. Complex Apps –Cross-platform functioning, quick interaction system, AV support, etc these features are included in Complex apps and may cost upto $20,000 in India.
  4. Gaming Apps –This type of application requires 3-D graphics functioning and is more detailed so there cost is generally higher and maybe upto $40,000 in India.

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