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How App Development Outsourcing Can Help Scale Up Startups?

Application development has become an important venture in every organization. Since the era of smartphones has begun, creating an engaging app has been the key aspect for any business to succeed.

Furthermore, in this market where everything is controlled by the customers, taking attention to your product/ service is essential.

Building an attractive website or a mobile application is a great way to meet new potential clients and customers. Now, an application is not only essential for growth but even for the survival of the company.

However, before developing a mobile application for the organization, there are a lot of aspects that you have to consider. It is a major commitment that will not only involve a lot of financial support but also will set an image of your company in the market.

Moreover, developing an application with an in-house method can be even more financially draining not to mention the large number of software designers that it requires.

Hiring an entire team of software engineers requires a lot of resources which is not something a startup or a middle-sized firm can afford.

There are a lot more challenges that a company faces if they adopt an in-house app developing method. Some of them are mention below.

Disadvantages of In-house software development

There are a lot of problems that a startup company can face if they decide to adopt the in-house method. Moreover, even after pouring a bunch of money into the process, there is no guarantee of success which can ultimately lead to a loss for the organization.

In-house can be expensive

To build an application, the company has to hire a lot of manpower each containing different qualities and skills. Hiring just 1 or 2 app developers will not do the trick. The team will also need UX/UI designers, project managers, programming engineers, and much more.

This can cost the companies thousands of dollars and that is before even the app development has started in the first place. This a financially daunting process that a startup might not be able to handle given they have limited resources in the first place. This is why outsourcing app development might be the way to go.

Requires several software tools

Small business firms and startups do not have a lot of resources. Thus, acquiring specialized software development tools can be hard for those organizations. Furthermore, hiring a fresh team means an extensive training period to familiarise the developers with the tools you have at hand.

This leads to a delay in the commencement of the project and reflects in the growth of the company.

SMEs has low hiring resources

SMEs and startups do not usually have many hiring resources. They lack basic knowledge about the job profile neither they have the time to hire an entire team just for their app development.

Furthermore, the recruitment managers do not have the expertise and knowledge about software development which can, in turn, result in hiring an underqualified candidate. Thus, hampering the productivity of the team.

Developers and engineers can be expensive

Developers or engineers are not cheap laborers. After selecting the right candidate offering them an attractive salary package is a must. Most of the app developers can cost a bunch of money to the company which a startup or a small company might not be able to afford.

The lack of budget can force the company to hire inexperienced candidates who might not be as productive as the project requires.

Lack of company image

The position of the company in the marketplace is another important aspect of the hiring process. Candidates with more experience and skills might want to work in a large and reputed company that will bump up their resume.

Since small companies and startups are not on that pedestal at that time, good and qualified candidates might not consider working for them. Hence, resulting in difficulty in establishing a team in the first place.

These problems do not only require a huge amount of various resources but also can be mentally draining for the managers as well as the organization. Moreover, going to this much trouble for a mobile application might not worth the effort that it requires.

Outsourcing is an alternative that is capable of providing you a great website with minimal resources and supervision. Mentioned below are the benefits that outsourcing can provide to SMEs and startups.

Advantages of outsourcing the app development process

Outsourcing is a method that is being used by many startups and organizations with a tight budget. It is the best way to acquire an effective and efficient product with minimal cost.

Requires low budget for app development

Unlike the in-house that demands high cash flow to hire of several experienced developers, outsourcing, on the other hand, requires way less budget and can provide a more effective and attractive mobile application with a much smoother user interface.

Quick commencement of the project

Since the outsourcing agencies already have several qualified employees, it allows the project development to start with a boost. Not only that, but it also ensures the quality and operation of the application as the product is developed by specialized personal.

This will lead to quick delivery of the application and will also give you a competitive advantage over your rival competitors.

More specialized and effective team

Outsourcing agencies have specialized personal specifically dedicated to only mobile app development. These employees are well-coordinated and are capable of proving are more comprehensive and effective application without you scratching your hair off.

Better communication

Constant communication is an integral aspect of app development. Good communication between developers can largely improve the quality and operation of the application. Outsourcing agencies offer a well organized and transparent communication between client and developers. thus, ensuring the quality and progress of the application.

Final thoughts

After analyzing all the pros and cons of outsourcing and in-house app development, here is what we think. While an in-house team might be a good idea for a large multinational corporation, outsourcing app development is the ideal choice for SMEs and startups. It can provide the product with great efficiency as well as with great quality.

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