Another Fintech product ‘UBER MONEY’ launch in the market.
After UBER WORKS(which is a shift-work finder app) which was launch recently. Now Uber launches UBER MONEY.


It is another virtual wallet. which is developed by taking consideration of Uber drivers and users as well as for UBER EAT users.
Peter Hazlehurst, the head of Uber Money said in the blog “For drivers in the US, and expanding to more countries soon after, we are updating the no-monthly-fee Uber Debit Account, powered by Green Dot, to integrate seamlessly into the Uber Driver app.”www.uber.com

Uber is also updating the no-fee Uber debit account, backed by Green Dot, to integrate seamlessly with the Uber Driver app.

Attributes of Uber Money

1)Real-time earning for drivers

2)Uber debit account

3)Uber wallet

4)Uber credit card

The Uber Money effort ascribe a couple of legal issues facing by Uber, pushback from local regulators, unions and their own workers, made UBER introspect and come out with the solution. Launch of UBER MONEY is in the direction of resolving the deadlock that UBER faces from the drivers and users.

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